Mikayla and Brandon

Our Story

You know the saying "when you stop looking itll happen when you least expect it?" That couldnt be more true for MiKayla and Brandon when they met 7 years ago through mutual friends. It was a fun summer night, they crossed paths and hit it off right away! They remained friends all summer with no intention of dating or pursuing a relationship! "It was just nice to have a new friend, someone who would order pizzas, play video games and watch movies with me all night! It was so comforting and no pressure" said MiK. End of the summer approaches and sure enough MiKayla had to leave Upstate NY to return to Manhattan (NYC) for her junior year of college. At that moment they knew they couldnt be apart and decided to do a long distance relationship from Syracuse to Manhattan for 2 years until they could finally live together after she finished her degree at Marymount Manhattan College. "It was extremely difficult, sometimes wed only see eachother for 2 days a month but we knew we wanted to be a team and see this through!" said Brandon. Fast forward to 5 years later they returned to their favorite city where they fell in love for her 26th birthday and Brandon asked MiKayla to marry him and spend the rest of their lives together! "It was such a precious and private moment I wouldnt change it for the world!" MiK exclaimed " Im so lucky to be his fiance and soon his wife!" The great thing about MiK and Bran? They're so in tune with one another its an effortless, timeless relationship that was built on the basis of best friends first. Heres to their wedding, unity of marriage and a lifetime of happiness!
Rebecca Bowen